Dobot Magician Lite AI Teaching Kit
Dobot Magician Lite AI Teaching Kit
Dobot Magician Lite AI Teaching Kit

Dobot Magician Lite AI Teaching Kit

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Dobot Magician Lite AI Teaching Kit

Entry level AI.

The AI Teaching Kit for the Dobot Magician Lite provides the ultimate introduction to real-world AI that is deeply ingrained in every robot today.

Teach Real AI.

Using Dobot Studio students can teach the robot to recognise objects and things in the world using computer vision for use in different pick and place applications.

Object Recognition.

Use computer vision to allow the robot to sense different objects in the workspace and perform different actions depending on the object perceived.


The AI Teaching Kit comes with an assortment of applications to get students up and running with AI including, garbage classification, fruit-picking and blank labels to start picking your own objects.


What's in the box:

  • Workspace Map
  • Cardboard Waste Bins
  • Waste object cards
  • Cardboard Goods Boxes
  • Drinks models
  • Fruit models
  • Vegetable models
  • Blank cards and labels

NOTE: Dobot robot arm not included.

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