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ROBOTIS GP | Competition Humanoid Robot
ROBOTIS GP | Competition Humanoid Robot

ROBOTIS GP | Competition Humanoid Robot


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ROBOTIS GP is a high-end competition robot made from ultra-light, high strength aluminium frame and high performance ROBOTIS AX series actuators. GP can compete in a number of competitions such as playing indoor soccer, picking up objects and other challenges.

Competition bioloid.

Your first steps will be assembling GP from a complete kit, then once up and running you can program your own moves and sequences using the included advanced RoboPlus software.

Ready to move.

Included with the RoboPlus software is an existing library of preset moves and sequences for playing soccer, as well as RoboTask for creating your own programs as well as being able to tune and update the motors.


What's in the box:

  • GP Kit
    - Including 8x AX-12A, 10x AX-18A actuators, Gyro and IR sensor
  • 11.1v 1000mA battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Spare parts

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