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Ozobot Evo | The New Line Following Robot
Ozobot Evo | The New Line Following Robot
Ozobot Evo | The New Line Following Robot

Ozobot Evo | The New Line Following Robot

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Ozobot Evo is the newest revolutionary line following robot, with over 25 Education Technology awards, Ozobot takes creativity to a whole new dimension.

With embedded sensors for tracking lines, understanding colour, and avoiding obstacles, Ozobot is the perfect companion robot for mixing art with technology. Recommended by teachers the world over, Ozobot is as simple to use as drawing a line. Go further by creating adventures, games and then bring it to life through the Ozobot Blockly-based coding environment.

New in Evo.

Evo now includes Bluetooth, Proximity sensors for avoiding obstacles, sounds and lights for added play.

Designed For Early Learning

Ozobot is a great way for kids to learn robotics and coding through creative play.

Coding For All Ages

Ozobot comes with its own Blockly based coding language to let kids explore and create on their own.


What's in the box:

  • Ozobot Evo robot
  • Ozobot Drawing pens
  • USB Charging cable
  • Code Bit Colour Codes
  • User Manual
  • Set of stickers

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