xArm | Cobot Robotic Arm | by UFACTORY
xArm | Cobot Robotic Arm | by UFACTORY
xArm | Cobot Robotic Arm | by UFACTORY
xArm | Cobot Robotic Arm | by UFACTORY
xArm | Cobot Robotic Arm | by UFACTORY

xArm | Cobot Robotic Arm | by UFACTORY

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xArm | by UFACTORY

A new breed of collaborative robot (cobot).

The UFACTORY collaborative robot arm is a purpose-built, lightweight robotic arm with all the features of a high-end robot arm, but at a fraction of the price. Work alongside your xArm robot without risk of injury with advanced safety features that can detect the slightest of human touch. xArm can be unboxed, set up and performing work in minutes. It's time to optimise your production and assembly lines with the xArm robot.

Machine Tending.

Increase your manufacturing uptime. Operate your machines and equipment remotely or completely autonomously using the xArm with preprogrammed interfacing and controls.

Pick and Place.

Pick, place, repeat. With the xArm you gain time and efficiency by allowing your workforce to refocus and create opportunity without compromise.

Loading and Unloading.

Take the load out of unloading. xArm will take care of packing, replacing tool pieces and palletising without any additional help.

Safety First.

xArm like other high-end collaborative robotic arms, features an advanced safety measure that shuts off the arm on the slightest of touch, making it truly collaborative.

Precision Engineering.

Each joint is made up of a harmonic balancer and brushless motor with high-fidelity encoder, enabling the xArm to meet the most demanding of applications with absolute precision.

What's included:

  • xArm Cobot Arm
  • Controller Box
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Power Adaptor
  • RS485 + Ethernet Cable
  • User Guide

Model comparison:

Model xArm 5 xArm 6 xArm 7
Joints 5 6 7
Reach 700mm 700mm 700mm
Repeatibility ±0.1mm ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
Max Payload 3.0kg 5.0kg 3.5kg
Speed 1m/s 1m/s 1m/s
Weight 11.2kg 12.2kg 13.7kg
Applications Machine tending, light pick and place tasks and production lines. Light industrial and repetitive workloads across a range of environments. Research in AI and Computer Vision.

Download the xArm brochure here.

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