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R4 Robotics is an innovative robotics solutions company located on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.  We create ready-to-use, customisable & bespoke solutions that solve real-world challenges, all built on a curated range of in-house designed and trusted third-party robot platforms.

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R4 Robotics was founded in 2017 to deliver on a promise to the people of the world for a safer, cleaner and more intelligent future.

In the digital age of disruptive technology, every new advancement in technology introduces disruption in the lives of people.  Advancements from modern day systems present new challenges and a state of uncertainty in those that are superseded by the technology.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being heralded as the next industrial revolution, which as it has done in it’s predecessors, will create a profound impact on people and their place in the world.  At the heart of development in AI, is an intent to create both meaning and positivity for people, by simplifying what it means to be human.  AI presents endless opportunities for the people of this planet and for the greater good of mankind.  Benefits brought about advancements in technology creates jobs of tomorrow, better health and ultimately a better way of life.

It is on this premise, that we seek to deliver our own profound impact by enabling the use of these technologies for the benefit of mankind and the environment.



What do we do?