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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence - the fourth industrial revolution

AI has found itself embedded in nearly every medium, it assists people everyday accomplish great things and continues to be both praised and demonized on a daily basis – but what is AI?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, is a form of machine intelligence that mimics the abilities of human cognition, in artificial systems.

Artificial intelligence was founded in academia in 1956 and underwent a number of successes and failures, before being heralded as the next major transformative technology of present day.  Now, AI has found itself applied in nearly every technology currently being developed and is used by people everyday, from search engines to medicine, product recommendations, loan applications, economics, and just about any discipline you can think of.

Recently a branch of AI, called machine learning, breathed new life into artificial intelligence, after it solved a game previously thought unsolvable by AI, as well as drive a car and learn to play games with superhuman accuracy.  It is these advances that allow us to harness the power of AI to transform peoples lives with new technology and create an easier way of life.

However, AI is not superhuman in the general sense and cannot perform any task conceivable - it needs to be adapted to each specific task, and that is where we come in.  We adapt these technologies to business problems, and find solutions for current processes which are at present, inefficient and costly.

Different branches of AI empower businesses everyday

  • Reduce your workload and increase efficiency by employing a chatbot
  • Unlock new secrets in your business by applying machine intelligence
  • Automate tasks and engage your customers using robots