Furhat | by Furhat Robotics
Furhat | by Furhat Robotics
Furhat | by Furhat Robotics
Furhat | by Furhat Robotics
Furhat | by Furhat Robotics
Furhat | by Furhat Robotics

Furhat | by Furhat Robotics

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Furhat | by Furhat Robotics

Meet Furhat.

Furhat is a new breed of social robot with human level social interaction capabilities. Unlike other social robots, Furhat provides a truly expressive way to interact with humans through a custom projection system, allowing Furhat to take on any form or facial expression.

Facial Expression.

Furhat incorporates a proprietary transparency mask and skin material that diffuses light in a way that encapsulates the true form of a face. Using an internal facial animation engine Furhat can change its facial expression, or even the entire face, right in the middle of a conversation. The animation system provides full control over the facial model, textures, lighting and shaders allowing you to create engaging new conversations.


Conversations and interaction dialogs are powered by stateful and heirachical modelling made possible by the Kotlin programming langauge. Inbuilt natural language processing allows Furhat to capture the intent and conversation contexts for the complex conversation interaction demanded by modern speech platforms.

Computer Vision.

Real-time multi-user tracking and detection allows Furhat to be one of the only social robots capable of interacting with more than one person at a time. Facial detection is powered by state-of-the-art deeplearning algorithms for seeing each and every person in the room.

Contextual Awareness.

To build next-generation conversational experiences, Furhat provides contextual awareness and understanding throughout the interaction, from a person's sentiment to being able to handle complex interaction, all while simultaneously displaying the right facial expression at the right time provides a captivating conversational experience.

Fully Programmable.

With Furhat you have the tools and resources needed to build great experiences. Create immersive and engaging characters, of any age, race, species or gender, or use one from the existing library of Furhat facial expressions. A Simulator environment allows you to iterate and develop faster which even provides simulated people for easier testing of your Furhat's skills.

What's in the box:

  • Furhat Robot
  • 10 skins (5 male, 2 female and 2 non-human)
  • Power Cable
  • Robot Development Kit - Simulator and SDK
  • User Guide

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