Johnny 5 Robot
Johnny 5 Robot
Johnny 5 Robot

Johnny 5 Robot

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Meet Johnny 5, the completely functional tracked robot platform based on the ever popular science fiction movie.

Johnny 5 comes as a complete kit - built out of solid aluminium and lexan, along with all required digital servos and electronics; including the SSC-32U sequencing board and Sabertooth motor driver.

This kit is ideal for robotics education and research, or even just a companion robot.  Johnny 5 is a completely customisable base robot, the way you build yours is totally up to you.

To make Johnny 5 really come alive, talk to us about different package configurations.


  • Johnny 5 Torso, which includes: Johnny 5 Torso Kit, Base Rotate Kit, Multi-Purpose Sensor Housing, 2 x Robot Hand - A
  • Servos: 8 x HS-645MG, 3 x HS-485HB, 3 x HS-422
  • Tri-Track Chassis Kit
  • Sabertooth 2X5 R/C Motor Controller
  • SSC-32U USB Servo Controller


  • Length = 25.4cm
  • Width = 28cm
  • Height (Overall) = 36cm
  • Height (Base and torso) = 30cm
  • Ground Clearance = 2.5cm
  • Deck Height = 7.6cm
  • Deck Dimentions = 18.4cm x 20.6cm
  • Weight = 2.8kg (no batteries)
  • Max Speed = 0.6 m/sec

NOTE: "Eyes" not included.

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