Misty II | by Misty Robotics

Misty II | by Misty Robotics

Misty Robotics

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Misty II | by Misty Robotics

Say Hello to Misty.

She may look cute and approachable from the outside, but on the inside, Misty is all business. Developed by the team at Sphero, Misty is naturally talented in many ways. Packed with capabilities, including advanced robotics and artificial intelligence, with an open and modular architecture, there's no telling what Misty can do.

Fully Programmable.

Misty empowers people like you to develop their own skills on a real-life robot. Supporting all the common programming languages means anyone at any level can create an awesome skill on Misty.

Open and Extensible.

Misty is an open, extensible, autonomous and fully programmable robot that allows any developer from high school to academia, to develop next generation software on a robot. Misty, unlike most other robots, is an open and modular robot platform so you can literally swap out her arms for new ones or even build your own hardware add-ons.

Roaming and Navigation.

Misty is capable of completely autonomous navigation, and can map an entire floorplan in both 2D and 3D. She knows how to see and avoid obstacles, doesn't fall down stairs, and with a tracked base she can travel over any surface.

Human Interaction.

Using embedded artificial intelligence, Misty sees as well as she hears, giving you the flexibility to have complete understanding of an interaction and where it is taking place, including facial recognition and object detection. To aid in human interaction, Misty also uses capacitive touch sensors so you can provide feedback when communicating with Misty.


Like any good autonomous robot, Misty knows when her battery is depleted and will return back to the charging mat to recharge, rest, and then keep going.

Do More.

Misty is not just an amazing piece of technology — she’s designed to be future-proof through easy hardware modification with many attachment points and interfaces.


What's in the box:

  • Misty II robot
  • Charging Mat
  • Power Cable
  • Desk Stand Box
  • User Guide

Model comparison:

Model Basic Standard Enhanced
Mapping None Up to 92 sqm Up to 184 sqm
Auto-charging None Yes Yes
Best for STEM Education, Library Makerspace Projects, Stationary Event Greeter, Stationary Concierge, Stationary Coach, SAR Therapy etc. Companion, Personal Assistant, Roaming Greeter, Roaming Concierge, Roaming Coach, IoT Assistant, Technology/AI Education etc. Survey Assistant, Data Collector, Host & Tour Guide, Security Detector, Facility Monitor etc.

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